Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Six Feet Deep

I have always been all about Six Feet Deep because they are another one of the many amazing hardcore bands to come out of Ohio. I have both of their full length records, Struggle and Road Less Traveled and are posted below. I figured I would just post their story as said by Tom, of Six Feet Deep, on their MySpace page:

"Myk Porter, Tom Wohlfield, Matt Simmons, and Mike Shaffer were all friends and deceided to start a CLEVO-style hardcore band, I am gonna guess here and say the fall of 1991 we were asked to play a party at Cherie Szucs house and we wrote and covered enough songs to play for about an hour or so. After that we liked what we were doing and figured we would start Six Feet Deep. At this point we started playing shows nothing huge, Ymca's in Canton, small church shows, partys, whatever, We recorded our "SELF" EP demo tape at a studio in Lakewood, Ohio, I wish I could remember the name of it. We started playing concerts with mainly Crashdog, we knew these guys and kept in touch with them so when we had our demo tape they let us play some of their tour. We shopped our tape to record labels there was not much in the way of christian "punk" record labels then, this is before tooth and nail as far as we new, we got a response from Tyler Bacon of R.E.X. records who had Living Sacrifice, Believer etc. so we went for it and signed with them. About that same time, we heard of a new label out of California called Tooth and Nail records, more of a punk/hardcore label which we would have rather been on, but it was pretty much too late to even pursue this as an option. So we pressed on. It was time to write and record our first album "STRUGGLE" for REX. While we were writing we met Johnny Amansi, a good lead guitarist, and asked him to join us. We were asked by Dwid of Integrity to record a song for the "Dark Empire Strikes Back", Cleveland Hardcore compilation CD. We recorded Angry Son, definetely a better version than that which actually got on the Album! At some point, I can't remember exactly when, Johnny decieded to bow out of the band for family reasons (alot of good that did due to his later divorce). Anyway, we decided to stay a four piece and just record the album. When Struggle came out, and mind you, this is my opinion, we were at the forefront of "Christian hardcore" there was metal, glam metal, and The almighty Crucified, Crashdog, but that was about it, At or about the same time as us 'Focused' came out on Tooth and Nail, it was great. Others in the same scene, their music was a little less "hard" in fact I might blame them for the EMO sound that was yet to come (just kidding). We toured some but mostly played weekend type shows and long road trips, this was due to the fact that nobody seemed to go to hardcore shows much during the week, its a drag to drive for 15-20 hours to play for 10 people. The absolute best show we could ever do was Cornerstone. I think that made it all worth while. Somewhere in this time frame we added a new person to play guitar for us, Matt Traxler. At this piont we started to hear more and more hardcore bands coming out like Strongarm, Unashamed, and NIV. I'm pretty sure I remember them on the new band showcase at Cornerstone, Bloodshed, P.O.D., and probably a lot more. I cant remember right now, most, if not all of these bands were on Tooth and Nail except P.O.D. It was great, more and more bands. It came time for us to start writing our second album, "The Road Less Traveled". We wrote, in my opinion, a solid album. Rex sent us into the studio to record 1/2 of the album, I dont know why, maybe they just didnt tell us they were in financial trouble, I'm not sure. At this time, we had it rough. For some reason, Mike Shaffer and Matt Simmons both left the band due to family problems. Myk and Tom were left to record the rest of the album. We finished the album and REX pushed back the release date for what we now know are money problems. They pressed 1000 cds with no cover and gave them to us for promotion for Cornerstone. At this point, I am pretty sure Matt and Mike both were back in the band and it felt as strong as ever. Rex eventually released the Road Less Traveled about 2 months before they went under causing our album to get absolutley 0 promotion. It boils down to the break up of Six Feet Deep. We were falling apart for some reason, Tom could not tour as much because he had a daughter, Myk started working on what he called a side project, Brantson, a sort of EMO thing. With Matt and Mike leaving the band earlier, I dont think Myk's heart was into it anymore and wanted to sort of mellow out the sound one way or the other. Me, Matt and Mike all did not like this idea and basically, this ultimatley led to the demise of Six Feet Deep. Myk eventually took Traxler and started his own thing, and Six Feet Deep was no more. -Tom"

Six Feet Deep definitely played the hardcore that was coming out of Cleveland in the 90s likes bands such as Integrity and Ringworm. You can definitely hear major Biohazard influences in th
eir music too, creating really heavy stuff without needed "mosh". Both records are amazing and top hardcore albums, not just Christian hardcore. Check them out.

Struggle (1994 - R.E.X. Records)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Part Four

Road Less Traveled (1997 - Steadfast Records)
Part One
Part Two

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  1. both six feet deep albums were great. totally different from each other too. the first one is more accesible for a heavy music fan but the 2nd has an atmosphere that is just creepy and cool.