Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleeping by the Riverside

Tampa Bay, FA's Sleeping by the Riverside was around from 1996 until somewhere in 2003 or 2004. Being from Florida, of course they are going to have that melodic hardcore sound, which I love. Check out their MySpace page for lineup, discography, and live pictures. I have always put Sleeping by the Riverside in the same category as bands like Strongarm and Shai Hulud, but they incorporated more than just the melodic sound, and kept hints of the 90s metalcore sound. Members of went on to be in bands such as: Underoath, Further Seems Forever, Motion to Strike, Nothing Promise, Affix Bayonets, The Sugar Oaks, and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. The band had their music distributed amongst several different companies; releasing music carried on compilations with Steadfast Records, Takehold Records, and Facedown Records; releasing splits with Carry the Dead on Takehold Records in 1999 and with Sward on Takehold Records and Foreland Records in 2001; and finally releasing their full length, A Breath Between Battles, on Indianola Records in 2003. I only have their split with Carry the Dead and their full length record, unable to ever find their other releases, but have always been content with the material I do have of their's.

Split with Carry the Dead (1999 - Takehold Records)

A Breath Between Battles (2003 - Indianola Records)


  1. Hey, Josh. I have the demo tape, as well as the first 7".

  2. Really? Anyway you could send the tracks to me so I can get them on here?