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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More shirts...

Below is a picture of an xDisciplex shirt that my dude got some time ago. Pretty rad. I have an old Imitation of Love shirt of theirs I need to put on here.

Thanks for the picture Kimmo! Anyone else have pictures of merch that isn't already on here, email me!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Second and final Impact demo promised, here is Impact's second, and final, demo, titled Striking Distance.

Here's some info from the link:

The second self-released demo by Impact.

vocals - mike
guitar - kevin
guitar - josh
bass - peter
drums-trk 1-4 garret rice,
trk 5 - sean schickling

add. bck up vocals:
peter-trk 2
kevin & jim rupe-trk 1, 3, 4, 5

recorded by:
kevin on a
4 track, somewhere
in southern ca.

* this demo is dedicated to the o.g.
impact guys- garret rice & dave garcia!

Rare Centerpoint recording

Centerpoint - 'Reference recording'

My dude Michael uploaded a link to this recording on my Facebook page last night, and I learned that the origins of this recording are as follows:

I had been asked to try out for the band. I went and played with them in someone's garage in Long Beach. Afterwards they asked me to join them and gave me this tape made for a reference recording.

I went home and asked my parents if I could be in the band. (I was only 14 or 15 maybe, at the time.) Then I was told the band had broken up and that some of the members were going on to start a Weezer-ish band.

I don't know what the first track is. But it was the very first thing on the tape, so I put it one here.

The end.

This was written by a guy, Paul, on a the SoundCloud page of this recording. Very interesting, considering the recording contains songs that were never recorded on any of the band's demos or anything. Michael also informed of a rare song recorded by the band that is on a CD out there somewhere. If he, or anyone, ever finds it, it will be posted on here. Very cool stuff from a very awesome, and overlooked, Christian hardcore band of the 90s. Check it.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The second Helpless Among Friends compilation

Here is the second volume of Tooth & Nail Records' Helpless Among Friends compilation.

Helpless Among Friends, Volume Two (1997 - Tooth & Nail Records)


I don't know much about Impact. I had only ever heard of them for the longest time (since I was a teenager), but never got my hands on a demo or saw them play since they had already disbanded at that point. All I do know, however, is that they were from California and played A LOT, according to show flyers I have seen with their name on them, and were a part of the spirit-filled hardcore entity with Focused and Unashamed and all that. It's very good stuff, even though it's extremely raw considering it's ripped from a cassette. The music is super good though, and I WISH it would have at least been digital tracks from a CD, but with old hardcore you take what you can get. I appreciated the hell out of old, shitty sounding hardcore music when I was young, and I still do! If you want to hear the one and only actually decent quality recording of Impact though, check out the Helpless Among Friends, Volume Two compilation here on the blog. Their song, "Within", is featured there. Give this entire demo a listen, definitely worth your time. I'm really surprised this band didn't get signed and put out with the same force behind them asFocused, Unashamed, Overcome, and other great Christian hardcore bands from that time did. My source who provided this rip for me may get around to doing the same for Impact's second demo (and final recording) which is called Striking Distance.

Anyway, enjoy!

Here is an interview with Impact from a zine called Nothing Left. Pretty cool to read this.

Also, check out the Facebook page for Impact where I acquired all of the above images. Lots of info and pictures on there, as well as some of the tracks from this demo. The page is ran by a member of the band, so it's all legit.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Prepared for War three-way split!

Here is a three-way split released on Boot to Head Records in 1995, featuring Clay, No Innocent Victim, and Overcome.

Prepared for War: Clay, No Innocent Victim, & Overcome split (1995 - Boot to Head Records)

Check out all the previous posts about each of these bands (minus Clay considering this is my first post including them).

I got this rip from Justin over at xStuck in the Pastx. All credit to him.