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Friday, March 26, 2010

Another split

Forget the Differences: Prevail & Stretch Arm Strong split (1996 - Insurgent Sounds)

A CRUCIAL compilation

I haven't listened to or seen this compilation since I was way young! Thank you Nathan for the rip! This comp featured mass good stuff, a lot of it being rare as well. So, naturally, it must appear on this blog. God, I see comps like this one, and it makes my hunt for stuff I haven't heard in so long get a little out of hand. Oh, the Christian hardcore scene...
Anyway, this comp featured, Shockwave, xDisciplex, Within (still looking for their Out of the Shadows of Desperation record), a much more raw and heavier version of Through and Through's "Through Infinite Darkness" off of their split with Subterfuge, and Fed by Ravens [MN].

Blessed Be This Killing compilation (1998 - Deadself Recordings)
Part One
Part Two

Cast in Stone's demo from 2001

Cast in Stone was heavy. You can tell just by listening to them that dudes from this band went on to be in Deathstar. They also were in bands such as: Force of Change (AMAZING), Bleeding Through (was amazing), and Sleeping Giant. I'm sure they've been in more. Anyway, thanks to Josh from for hooking up Kimmo with this demo. Check it out below.

Demo (2001) artwork!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

more Few Left Standing!

Few Left Standing's Exit Wound EP is extremely rare, it being a vinyl doesn't really help it's availability. This is the one release of their's that I just never had any luck getting my hands on, until now. Thanks to Michael, I can put it on here for everyone. The EP features the song "What's the Use" which would later appear on their Wormwood record.

Exit Wound (2000 - Takehold Records)

Seasons in the Field & Pensive split

The Psalms of Ariana: Seasons in the Field & Pensive Split (1998 - Akeldama Records)


The Subtlety of Silence (1997 - Akeldama Records)

Thanks Michael for the rip!

For those of you who were ever into Spitfire

I was never too into Spitfire, but I know a lot of people were, and I've gotten a request or two to post some of their stuff. Thanks to Michael, I've got some rips of Spitfire to share with everyone. One thing I DO like about Spitfire is some members went on to form Mae, and I LOVE Mae.

Straining Towards What's to Come (1997 - 2Jake Records)

The Dead Next Door (1999 - Solid State Records)

The Slideshow Whiplash (2001 - Goodfellow Records)

Thanks again to Michael for the rips!

Blindside's first record!

This is Blindside's first record. It's an EP they released on Day-Glo back back in 1996. The more raw sound like what is on their self titled and on A Thought Crushed My Mind. Check it out!

Empty Box (1996 - Day-Glo Records)

Thanks Michael for the rip!

more Stretch!

Can't go wrong with more Stretch Arm Strong!

Not Without Resistance (1995 - Insurgent Sounds)

It Burns Clean (1998 - Reflections Records)

Thanks Michael for the rips!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Killing Years' self titled ep free download

I recently uploaded our ep online so it can be downloaded. Figured I would share it here as well. I know it isn't Christian hardcore, but we have been so influenced by Christian hardcore bands, it shines through the music. All of us in the band are believers, we just don't want to preach about it. When you disciple to others, do you jump straight to "do you accept Jesus as your one and only savior?" ? No. First, you relate. Our music deals with personal struggle, depression, anger, discontent, self loathing; and presents it in a manner that we feel touches our hearts, so why wouldn't it others'? Want to talk to about God? Talk to us individually. Want to relate to someone about everyday struggles? Listen to our music and read our lyrics.

Self Titled (2010)

The artwork for this ep is not available yet. We haven't pressed the physical copies, but plan to have them available for free at the upcoming shows.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Split with Vessel and Outcry!

Thanks to x15401x, we now have a rip of My Own Solace, the Vessel and Outcry split. Thanks again dude. Keep in touch. God I love hardcore from the Midwest. More good stuff from Ohio!

My Own Solace: Vessel & Outcry Split (1999 - Bound By Love Records)

More Zao stuff...demos...

Check out my previous post on Zao.

Author demo tape (1994)

Sustained demo tape (1995)

Thank you Tom Bates for the rips and Mike Taylor for the scans!

more Selfmindead

Check out my previous post on Selfmindead.

Self Titled (1998 - Sally Forth Records)

Thank you Tom Bates for the rip!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Tribute to Living Sacrifice

I have NEVER been a fan of Living Sacrifice. I just could not get into their heavier stuff or their thrashy stuff. I did, however, get a chance to meet the singer, Bruce, one year at Cornerstone. He is definitely a super nice guy. This tribute compilation was requested via this blog, so, thanks to my dude Presley down in Florida, I can post a nice rip of this record for you guys.

A Tribute to Living Sacrifice (2001 - Clenched Fist Records)


I don't know much about Vessel, except that they're from my home state of Ohio and here is a webpage of their's that consists of a decent story of how the band came to be.

Self Titled (2000 - Burning Records)


Yes...Underoath. They were once good, and not so "scene"...
These two records are their best.

Act of Depression (1999 - Takehold Records)

Cries of the Past (2000 - Takehold Records)

Through it All

This band featured John Lockjaw of Pitboss and One Life Crew. My first band played with them when I was only 13 or 14 with Figure Four and some locals.

The Formula (2000 - Riblet Records)

Prayer of Endurance (2001 - Riblet Records)

I have since removed the links to both of the Through it All records per request of a representative at Thumper Punk Records.  The label will be releasing a discography in a month or so that will actually feature both of these fine recordings.  So, that being said, when the discography is released, go buy it!


Late 90's local hardcore from Cincinnati. Couple of these dudes went on to be in Death Through Adam and Corpus Christi. This shit is HORRIBLE quality, but is dear to my heart because they played the first the hardcore show I ever saw.

A Heart Slowly Falling (1999)

Sorry for the lack of images. No live ones (these dudes weren't around long) and I don't have a scanner to scan my copy.

Blindside [SWEDEN]

Not to be confused with the PA's Blindside who members of went on to form Terra Firma. If anyone has a copy/rip of Blindside's Empty Box EP, please contact me!

Self Titled (1999 - Day-Glo Records)

Thanks to Tyler Ross for the rip!

A Thought Crushed My Mind (2000 - Solid State Records)

Anah Aevia

Statistical and Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (2001 - Selah Records)

Realize You're Dead (2002 - Selah Records)
Pt. 1
Pt. 2


Forthwith Came Out Blood and Water - (1999 - Clenched Fist Records)

Mother Ship

Obedience - (1994)

Killing Years EP now online

We finally posted all five songs from our self titled EP on our MySpace page. We will have hard copies of the EP at shows coming up, soon to be posted on our MySpace as well. As soon as booking is finalized, shows (including a date in April with Earth Crisis and First Blood in Syracuse, NY) will be posted online. Also, we will be heading back to record with our dude Eric over at Moonlight Studios a new three song demo in a month. For those of you into mid/late 90's melodic hardcore, I think you'll be into this stuff.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My band's ep will be online tonight or tomorrow

Hey, for those of you that were ever into Strongarm's Advent of a Miracle record, or Shai Hulud's older stuff like their Profound Hatred of Man and Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion records, check out the link to the right for my band, Killing Years. We are going into the studio later today to finish an EP that has been a work in progress for some time (thank you constant member changes for that). In just a few weeks, we'll be going back into the studio to record a demo of a few new songs. All will be online ASAP, so please go check it out tonight or tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on when it's up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stretch Arm Strong

For info on the band, check out their MySpace. Their Rituals of Life record is SO PERFECT in so many ways, still gets played quite frequently by me. One of my favorite records for sure. I only posted these 3 records because: A. Compassion Fills the Void is the earlier of their records that I own, and B. everything I have heard after A Revolution Transmission isn't very good, and the only reason I even posted that record is because a few songs on it are decent at best. If anyone has any rips of their Not Without Resistance and It Burns Clean eps that they can send my way, contact me!

Compassion Fills the Void (1998 - Uprising Records)

Rituals of Life (1999 - Tooth & Nail Records)

A Revolution Transmission (2001 - Solid State Records)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saved by Grace

Kansas City's Saved by Grace released this record on now defunct Recorse Records. Saw them play only once, was pretty good live. Definitely heavy and definitely melodic. This band was short-lived. They did record more songs, not sure if they were via demo or just unreleased, but didn't hear them until some time after they had already disbanded. If anyone has any copies or rips of that stuff, please get at me!

For What You Have Done (2001 - Recorse Records)
Part One
Part Two

The Difference Between Us compilation

I'm only posting this comp because it definitely features xDisciplex. It does, however, feature a bunch of rad bands, such as: Extinction, Brother's Keeper, Harvest, Disembodied, Despair, and tons more. Best part is that the Disembodied song is one of their heaviest, "Enochian Prayer."

The Difference Between Us compilation (1997 - Goodfellow Records)
Part One
Part Two

Latest purchase from eBay

So being a huge Christian hardcore fan, I frequently go out of my way to seek out merchandise of old Christian hardcore bands. Typically it leads to an unsuccessful venture, as that stuff is quite rare. But every now and then, you find something worth going after. I have been blessed to stumble across a Focused hat. The guy I purchased it from had got it from a dude with Boot to Head Records way back. I was so stoked when I saw it, but when I saw that I won the bidding, I went nuts! It's old. It looks it and feels it. Hell, the back is adjustable, which nowadays is just not seen anymore because everyone is too cool with their flatbill hats. It's so rad though. Check it out below.

It's my new pride and joy.

Point of Recognition, Cast in Stone, & Torn in Two 3-way Split

Split with Point of Recognition, Cast in Stone, and Torn in Two. Thank you Guy for the rip!

Now the Tables Have Turned (2001 - Facedown Records)

Set Apart & Chalice split

Split with Set Apart and Chalice. Both bands are way awesome. Thank you Chip over at xStuck in the Pastx for the rip of this entire split.


Set Apart

One of the many AMAZING bands to come out of Florida at the time, both Christian and non.

Demo (1996 - Overpass Records)

Within the Guiding Hands (Finest Hour Records)

Terra Firma

Another great Christian hardcore band out of Pennsylvania. The first song on their Silence Cries record...perfect.

Silence Cries (2000)


Fucking Shockwave. EVERY bit of this band rules. Even with their last release, The Ultimate Doom, in 2004, they remain super heavy, super fun, and super addicting. Check info on Shockwave, check out their MySpace and their page on UNITYHXC.

Demo (1997)

Warpath (1997 - Surprise Attack Records)

Dominicon (1999 - Goodlife Recordings)

Autohate (2000 - Goodlife Recordings)

Omega Supreme: The Complete Collection 1996 - 2001 (2001 - Triple Crown Records)

The Ultimate Doom (2004 - Triple Crown Records)

As the Ruin Falls

To make up for the MAJOR lack of posting lately, I'm going to go ahead and post a bunch of stuff for a little while. I'm not going to worry too much about giving a ton of info about each band, each record, etc., but I just want to get some stuff up for everyone. Not too long ago, I was trying really hard to find As the Ruin Falls' recordings, as seen in my previous post about them, but had no luck. That is until Alex sent me real good rips of not only their Her Porcelain Goodbyes record, but their demo as well. Thanks again Alex for all of that. As the Ruin Falls were from Lima, OH. They played decent melodic, early 2000's style metalcore. Their earlier stuff sounded identical to Hopesfall's Frailty of Words record. Good stuff.

Demo (2001)

Her Porcelain Goodbyes (2002- Recorse Records)