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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Looking for rare Saved by Grace stuff

Saved by Grace recorded two songs for a split they did with The Esoteric back in 2002 titled Roads Between.  The split was released by hand on tour in 2002, but when approaching a legitimate release through Anxiety Records, Saved by Grace apparently backed out of the deal due to issues with their vocalist who sadly hanged himself later on in 2010.

I heard these two tracks by Saved by Grace back when they originally posted them online before the release and they were super heavy and super good.  I regret not going about the appropriate paths to obtaining them for myself, because now I absolutely can not find them anywhere online.  If ANYONE has access to these two tracks by the band, or the entire split with The Esoteric, please contact me!

Thanks guys.

By the way, I have A LOT of stuff I plan to post on here sometime soon.  Life has been busy and gotten in the way, but once I get all the stuff sorted out, I'll get it ripped onto my computer and posted on here.