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Friday, January 29, 2010

Torn in Two

Southern California's Torn in Two came and went pretty quickly. Rather than debuting in the Christian hardcore scene with a record of their own, they hopped on board with Facedown Records, being put on a three way split with other early Facedown Records bands, Point of Recognition and Cast in Stone, in 2000 titled Now the Tables Have Turned. A year later, they released their now out of print full length, Soli Deo Gloria, on Facedown Records, receiving mostly positive feedback. Torn in Two was on board with the dual-vocals hardcore style that was around for awhile in the 90s and into the early 2000s. Hell, even two of my earlier bands had two vocalists, glad that trend went away. It was decent at times though, and Torn in Two, I believe, was a great example of what having two vocalists can really achieve. I saw them play only once at the Cornerstone Music Festival when I was in high school and I thought they were great. Their only flaw, however, was that I didn't think their record had much replay value, so I lost interest in the band pretty quickly. But, after having listened to it for the first time since the record came out, I must say it's definitely heavy. I have not been able to find my copy of the Now the Tables Have Turned three way split, so I put it on my list. If anyone has a copy of that, and would be able to send it to me, that would be amazing! So, as requested by Endy from Indonesia, below is the download of Soli Deo Gloria. By the way, I apologize for the lack of pictures of Torn in Two and the shitty image of the cover art for the record. The only image I even have of the band is on an old Facedown Family page from when Facedown Records was still a baby in the hardcore scene, but I don't have a scanner, and the cover art I had to just pull off of Facedown Records' website.

Soli Deo Gloria (2001 - Facedown Records)


  1. sent and e-mail with a sendspace link for..

  2. i was so stoked to see these guys play at the impromptu stage at Cornerstone a few years back. i was freaking out when i saw them on the stage, it was not like any day you see a big hardcore band shake things up on the impromptu stage at C-Stone :D

  3. Hey you know they did have a cd before they released anythng for facedown right? They had a self titled cd and I was able to get it from the old facedown distro I believe. It's better than their actual full length IMO. If you want a rip I'll find my copy and rip it.

    1. Hey man did you ever have a chance to rip this CD? I need to hear this!

  4. Oh yeah, just never got ahold the stuff. I actually have an article from a zine about them that will be one of many zine posts I will soon get on here, from before their Facedown days. So yeah, a rip of that would be great! Get at me at Thanks!

  5. Josh, I would be really stoked on reading about them in that zine. Is it alread posted on here?

  6. Not yet. I need a scanner to scan all the issues and get them on here.