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Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Innocent Victim

San Diego, California's No Innocent Victim began playing in 1992. So much more than just a "Christian hardcore band", they have released records with several different record labels; including Rescue Records, Victory Records, Solid State Records, and Facedown Records; and have toured all over the U.S., Japan, and Europe, playing big hardcore acts of many sorts, both Christian and not, such as; Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, xDisciplex, P.O.D., and so many more. The first of their records that I ever heard was their Flesh and Blood record and was blown away, especially by the song "My Beliefs". The couple times I have seen them, it was always an experience. I'm pretty certain the biggest circle pit I have EVER seen was during a No Innocent Victim set when I was a freshman in high school. They were one of the few bands that I heard back then that played a Christian version of straight up hardcore style that I was used to secular bands playing like Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, and Hatebreed. What I have always found great about No Innocent Victim was how big of a deal they have always been, in both the Christian and non-Christian hardcore scenes. They are one of the few bands that don't keep their Christian values under wraps, but are adored by both Christians and non-believers. THAT is a true achievement of a Christian hardcore band, not playing in front of Christian kids all of the time, preaching to the choir. No Innocent Victim has released several records in their time, on a few different record labels, and all of which are AMAZING. As many bands, they've been through TONS of members, but always stuck to the hardcore sound that has made them great. They haven't released anything since their 2005 To Burn Again record, but have toured as recently as last year. I haven't seen them since a few years ago an hour north of where I live, but would LOVE to get to see them again. What sucks is I'm still trying to get my hands on their more rare records, such as their '93 demo, their split with Phanatik from '98, their '98 self titled record, and their first Victory Records release titled The Crazy Engler Brothers from '99. If anyone has copies of these that they can rip and send my way, please let me know! Anyway, here's a few of their records that I do have.

"I would die tonight for my beliefs"

(1995 - Rescue Records)

No Compromise (1997 - Rescue Records)

- Thank you Matt M. for the rip of this record!

Flesh and Blood (1999 - Victory Records)

Tipping the Scales (2001 - Victory Records / Solid State Records)

To Burn Again (2005 - Facedown Records)


  1. i've been downloading stuff you put up for a while now, Thanks for all the shares, but just out of curiosity where did most or all your shares originate? i mean do you have these actual cd's or did you find these on the net? the reason i ask is because i got a lot of these over the years and while your shares are usually really good quality most on the net arent and i'd really love to know your shares aren't recoded from a lower quality rip.

  2. Ha. That is a legitimate question I guess. I would say that about 95% of the stuff I've posted on this blog so far are from my personal record/cd/cassette collection. Then about 3% consists of rips from people I've gotten to know who have helped me out with rips of the stuff because either A.I no longer have it or have a copy good enough to rip, or B. I have never found it on my own and someone donated me a copy. On these particular posts, you'll see me give credit to the person who donated the rip to me. Then I'd say the last 2% comes from close personal friends that have always had the stuff that I don't have and I borrowed it specifically to post on this blog.

    Good news is I still have TONS of stuff of my own that I still need to post, but lately haven't had much time to do so; with starting a new job, playing in a band, doing taxes, blah blah.

    I spend a bit of time on each post because I like to not only provide the music that deserves the attention I'm giving it, but also because I like to give my input on the band and their music, as well as give a decent amount of information about the band itself. Hope all of that answers your question Jake, ha.

    The ONLY reason I made this blog though is to SHARE the good Christian hardcore that's been around, not to show off my personal collection or that of anyone else.

    Keep checking back and please feel free to keep downloading from me. Also, if you ever have any records you'd like to see on here or know about, let me know!


  3. that's actually awesome to hear because over they years.. losing a lot of my cd's then trying to find good quality mp3s is hard because a lot you can tell someone had an already crappy version then just recoded it to a higher bitrate then passing it off as a good rip and you can always tell because it sounds digital and destorted and i haven't come across that problem here.! so Thanks again for all the awesome shares.

  4. Yeah it is tough. Wish we all would have started taking care of stuff when we were younger ha. You're welcome. Keep checking back dude.

  5. pleeeeaaasseee i really want to download their music but i dont find it!!! and here, mediafire says: Permission denied what do i have to do

    1. Just email me or message me on Facebook and I'll send you the songs. Mediafire has removed quite a bit.