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Friday, May 28, 2010

What's to come

I apologize for not posting for a couple of weeks. I have been ultra busy trying to get shit together with this whole finding someone new to do vocals for Killing Years thing, working on lyrics and such so we can get Kevin Byers (ex-Morning Again, Waking Kills the Dream) into the studio to do all of the vocal tracks for the new three song demo, working, and starting a company with our bassist Steve. I think I may take a break for a while on posting music, unless I come across something I just absolutely have to get onto the blog. Meanwhile, I plan to post some scans of record/CD artwork/layouts and scans of The Crucial Times zine from the 90s. The Crucial Times was a Christian hardcore zine written by my dude Chris who recently hooked me up with some super rad Christian hardcore vinyls, CDs, and cassettes; as well as tons of issues of The Crucial Times. Check out all the things Chris does on his website. Super creative dude.

So, I guess blogs replaced zines? When I was reading through these issues of the zine and going through these old Christian hardcore vinyls, CDs, and cassettes; it did some things to me.
1. It made me miss zines.
2. It made me miss old hardcore record artwork/layouts.
3. It sent me down memory lane the furthest I have ever been.

Here are some key things people in our hardcore scene today can do to really bring back the feeling of true hardcore:
1. Book bands that aren't just huge, mainstream hardcore bands.
2. Throw your shows in basements, rooms in houses, and other makeshift venues. My favorite show I have been to was a 7 Angels 7 Plagues show that was in a living room when I was in high school.
3. Keep pushing the DIY ethic. Make, print, and distribute your band's music yourselves! It is always so much more personable and you get a sense of the heart that band is putting into their music.
4. Book shows with local bands, with the "main act" being just an out of town band, not necessarily a big touring band.
5. Keep pushing paper fliers for shows! I know the internet is the easiest/quickest way to send information (especially hardcore shows), but paper fliers hit those kids that maybe don't follow the main crowd in your local scene. Plus, people like me have collected those fliers forever! We want to keep doing it.
6. No more typical band pictures. Nothing better than getting a record and checking out all of the artworks inside and NOT seeing some corny promo picture of the band, or some typical live shot of the band. Zao did this well on some of their stuff. Pretty awesome.

Anyway...soon I'll post some cool scans of stuff.

Again, I appreciate anything people donate to this blog. People that send me links, music, physical records, zines, etc., you are loved!


  1. If only these ethics could be followed through by the kids in North Idaho... they're too dumb for that i guess haha

    Really inspiring though, it'd be great to see more of this kinda stuff kick into a revival

  2. Best of luck with the company, and I wish you guys get the demo finished soon )

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  4. Yeah! I have been looking for some for a while, and i am so glad i got a hold of them.

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  6. Man those are tight! The only Strongarm arm I have ever gotten my hands on is the Furnace Fest one that is shown in that picture. You are a lucky man.

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  8. Hey,

    It would be very cool if you could post stuff from those The Crucial Times zines!

    As far as "blogs vs. zines", I am casting my vote to zines. However, due to the fact that many of the old zines are quite hard to find, I appriciate when people take the time and upload some of them online. Digital Fanzine Preserving Society was a cool blog, cos they did just that. Sad thing is, he has quit doing the blog :(

    I have some zines in my blog (non-christian stuff), if someone is interested. I havent posted stuff in a while, but hopefully I can continue once I get a scanner of my own.