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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jason Berggren's "10 Things I Hate About Christianity", update on "Sociology of Christian Punk" research, and more.

I have been keeping in touch with Jason Berggren, early vocalist of Florida Christian hardcore band, Strongarm, about getting him involved in the Sociology of Christian Punk research at the University of Bristol. I referred the researcher to Jason and, as I was, he was recently interviewed about the subject of, and many issues including and surrounding, Christian punk/hardcore music/scene.

About a week ago, Jason mailed me a copy of his book, 10 Things I Hate About Christianity: Working Through the Frustrations of Faith. I plan to begin reading through the book very soon and will be posting about the material within its covers, either as I go along or in whole when I am finished.

On a different note, I am really trying to find the time, as well as the motivation in my little free time, to post some more music, some scans of zine articles, updating missing artwork (thanks for the iTunes tip Mike!), rips of some 7"s and LP's recently obtained, and scans of entire album artwork from memorable Christian hardcore records from the 90's and early 2000's. Honestly, the little free time I have has been taken up by EA Sports' FIFA '10. But, bear with me! I have been doing a lot of work gathering some pretty awesome figures in the Christian hardcore scene of the past, some of the present, to participate in the Sociology of Christian Punk research, writing music for Killing Years and getting us back on track with playing shows and recording, and working. Some prominent figures that are confirmed to be interviewed or have already been interviewed for the research are members of great bands such as: Bloodshed, Unashamed, Overcome, Strongarm, and Outcast; as well as the man behind I am still waiting on confirmations from several other members of memorable Christian hardcore bands, such as: Underoath, Stretch Arm Strong, Focused, Zao, Six Feet Deep, Sleeping by the Riverside, and Focal Point; as well as well-known Christian hardcore enthusiast and artist, Dave Quiggle.

There is a lot to look forward to with this research. It will be awhile, but this stuff is going to be published in sociology articles with the University, presented in a dissertation from the researcher, and then hopefully into a book on the entire subject (which will be great!). In other news; I am psyched that Tim from Focused will be sending me a shirt from their reunion, I will finally be getting my hands on a couple rare Christian hardcore 7"s I was offered, and I'm going to get me an Overcome shirt!


  1. Heck yes on the focused last show shirt. Score!

  2. No problem Josh. The lack of artwork kept from getting a lot of albums posted, simply because I hate no album artwork on songs. And that is sweet on the Focused shirt. I want one, but sadly I lack the funds to obtain such a shirt. And seriously, what the hell happened to T&N? They used to have awesome bands. Now they have bands like Poema (who I will admit, those girls are kinda hot).