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Friday, November 5, 2010

Download issues...

I have been having a lot of trouble with the files in my Mediafire stuff not being available for download, but are still there. In addition, having issues with messed up .rar and .zip. As usual though, feel free to email me or get at me on Facebook (link on the right side of the page) and I'll send you whatever files you're having trouble with. I haven't had much time lately to attend to the blog, or add more stuff, but I will get around to fixing this stuff and sending requested files to people.


  1. mediafire is synonymous with corrupted compressed files.. if you continue to use mediafire make sure in future rar files you do this.. in the "General" tab tick the box "Put Recovery Record" then the tabs at the top pick "Advanced" then you'll see Recovery Record.. set it to 10. this will help but won't fix the problem. you need to chose a new host for your uploads.

  2. been trying to download some (quite a lot) and noticed the same issue. Man, so many thanks for Anah Aevia! words cant express..

  3. Ahh. Well, I appreciate the info. Unfortunately, I am not very hip to this online media sharing stuff. For now though, like I said, anyone who is having trouble, just email me and I'll send you what you're looking for. I guess when I started this blog, I really didn't think anyone would check it out, but now that that isn't the case, I should check into a better media sharing site. Thanks again.

  4. Actually mediafire is best sharing site around, period. I can say that from own experience, so you really don`t need to search other providers. It was me before as anonymous, would be so nice if you could make the second Anah Aevia record available again. I will shoot you a mail for others, much appreciated. I just want to say that this friday a took a little more time to check out the cxhc blog and was blown away. This site is diamond, a jewel amongst hardcore blogs.

  5. HELLO, Josh.

    I play in 2 bands, Metal / Hardcore in Brazil
    I would disclose my band on your site and would like
    to send you for you to hear and review
    can pass me your email and we speak better?

    God bless!

    Lucas Brum / frontalonline / frenteimperial

  6. Hey Lucas, email me at so we can speak further.