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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Killing Years review on StereoKiller

Check out this review about my band, Killing Years' new four-song demo on StereoKiller, written by Matt from Carrying the Fire.

Hailing from Cincinnati, OH... Killing Years play a very dark brand of metallic hardcore influenced heavily by bands like Strongarm and Morning Again. Melodic, yet heavy and sometimes dissonant riffs accompany the very dark and personal lyrics of frontman Jason Michaels. The music on this demo is incredibly strong in both arrangement and delivery, but the real story is in the lyrics. Having had the opportunity to play with this band and since becoming friends with Jason... I have learned that not only does he mean every word he says, he pulls no punches. He is a man that has been through what I would consider to be hell, and has come out on the other side much stronger because of it. These songs are documentation of that journey and transformation. Assisting Jason in the vocal duties are guests Kevin Byers (Morning Again) and Chris Alsip (Suffocate Faster) on the songs "The Seed" and "Missing" (respectively).

It is very rare in this day and age that you stumble across a band who really pour out their hearts through their music and actually have something of value to say. Especially when regarding such dark topics as death, suicide and drug addiction. Killing Years writes songs about where they've been, where they are and where they're going. Quite simply, they are 100% real.

If you are, or ever were a fan of bands like Strongarm, Shai Hulud or Morning Again... give these guys a shot. More importantly, if you yourself have ever battled or are battling personal demons... whether they be depression, addiction or otherwise... listen to what they have to say. There just might be an answer here for you.

I'm honored to have been able to see these guys play. It is truly an emotional experience and I implore you to check them out if they come through your area.

You can download the demo here:

Views: 207
Genre: Hardcore - Metallic Hardcore
Label: self released
Official Site: Click For Link
Similar Bands: Strongarm, older Shai Hulud, Morning Again.

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