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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Thankfully, I was emailed about a post over at the One Path for Me Through Destiny blog, a great old hardcore blog, that contained the one full length recording of 90's California metalcore band, Exist.  Check out the post here!

Decrepit Lessons Crossing Imperfection -  (Cataclysm Records - 1998)


  1. i only knew of this band because i knew the guy who ran Cataclysm Records, they didn't get much exposure that's for sure. did they play many shows in SoCal? I didn't remember even seeing them on flyers.

  2. I was contacted about this old project recently, I am wondering if is was about this site??? I am labeled fatha guitarra on this disc, and it was short lived for me, but we had a busy year in say 98ish.... We played w/ cave in, eighteen visions, training for utopia, ten yard fight, and we played regularly with a girl fronted band called convergence and also throwdown! It was a busy year, then after the full length I departed. It was fun..... I miss my friend Joey, the singer, passed away shorty after that...good times. Thanks to whomever is doing the site, good memories.....

    1. Hey, did it happen to be Michael who sang in Centerpoint? I hit him up on Facebook a couple of weeks ago about possible giving me some info about Exist, and he said he'd ask a dude Ryan about it. I run the blog. At least, as much as I have time for anymore. Thanks for some info on the band! Never heard of Convergence. Got anything of their's? I had no idea about the singer for Exist, Joey. Feel free to contact me via Facebook or email.


    2. It was Michael.... He was kind enough to come sing for us in centerpoint after Greg (the original vocalist) and I parted ways! Joey was down front at all the C.P. shows so after we faded out for all our Emo side projects he nabbed me for exist... Good times for S.F.H.C. New school screamo and math core was growing fast! Convergence did like one demo maybe, I never grabbed one. I remembered a few others though like countervail and adamantium that were around... I will find u on F.B. Ryan-

  3. A review of this CD ran in HM Magazine the month before my band Coexist had our demo reviewed. We were bummed that another band had a name so close to ours.