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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Death Through Adam

Death Through Adam were a band from sometime in 2000 until 2004. They were from my hometown of Cincinnati, OH, and for about a year or so they played straight up chuggy hardcore and were my favorite band. When Death Through Adam first started, as This Day Forth, music style and band lineup was much different. As they became Death Through Adam, they began playing hardcore music, abusing china cymbals, Boss Metal Zone guitar pedals (remember those?). I was a huge fan of their's. Sadly, I have no recordings of them from that short period of time, but am currently trying to get something from then from the dudes that were in it. In 2002, they independently released an ep titled The Differences Between Pictures and People. This record displayed their change in music style as they went more for a more metal influenced metalcore sound. Over the next couple years, they progressed musically, becoming more metal, less hardcore, and more technical, somewhat comparable to an old Between the Buried and Me. It was pretty good, don't get me wrong, but their old shit was the greatest. Death Through Adam wasn't the only musical project these dudes though. Members were previously in other projects and went on to be in other stuff, some current. I actually got the opportunity to play with a few of the guys. Will, who did vocals, later played drums, very briefly, for a metalcore band I was a part of called Before Mourning Comes. Marc, who went from drums to bass, and Phil; who played guitar, did vocals for a bit, and went back to guitar; both joined a project I was in called A Cry for Mercy and continued into Before Mourning Comes for a short while. Will and Phil had both been a part of local Christian hardcore band, Descension, in the late 90s. I will post their record soon as well. Will and Phil, pretty recently actually, played briefly in nationally known Christian metal band Corpus Christi on Victory Records. Marc played in several local projects, such as Dead Heroes (RIP), Fright Night, A Call to Arms. Josh, former bassist before lineup and musical changes, later sang for Josiah, a Christian metalcore band from Indiana. Overall, Death Through Adam had a major impact on the local scene in my opinion. They were the only Christian hardcore/metalcore band playing at shows in our city at the time, and for a while they played hardcore music and put on shows that really sucked you in. I'll NEVER forget the impact they had on me and the sounds of those Metal Zone pedals, china cymbals, and off mic screams. Great stuff. Although I do not have their early stuff, I do have their later, more metal influenced, eps.

The Differences Between Pictures and People (2002 )

To Slumber in the Silent Dust (2003)

Sorry I do not have the artwork available. I have them in my iTunes, but can't find the artwork online anywhere and don't know how to locate the artwork files for my iTunes. If you know how, let me know. I will also be nagging those dudes for their early recordings.


  1. Josh, can't you open the files in iTunes, right click on a file, select get info, and then right click the artwork, copy it, and paste it in Paint or any other program similar to it? It sounds complicated but it seems to be the easiest way.

  2. Holy crap it worked! That rules. I never thought of that. Yeah, so I'll go through and upload artwork for the stuff I have artwork for in my iTunes but not on the blog. Thanks Mike!