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Sunday, December 27, 2009

more Bloodshed stuff

Thanks to Matt M., we can now have our hands on Bloodshed's self titled record. Be sure to check out the previous post of Bloodshed on the No Exit Hardcore Compilation from 1994 on Inside Front. Thanks again Matt for taking the time to rip this stuff and send it my way. Here is a nice bio of Bloodshed on their tribute MySpace page:

"A band that started by kids in their early teens and ended after just two eps on Tooth and Nail. Fans, new comers, and old core adults (ha), join up and post your comments about this amazing band. Maybe with the slightest of hope, the band will reform and play once again. Bloodshed started in the early nineties (1992?) with Jason Fleetwood, Jonathan Caro, Justice Gulmatico, John Kittrel, and Sean Stopnik. Later, Kevin Chen joined up for their final ep. (Kevin Chen also went on to play with the OC Supertones for two albums). Timothy Clark later joined when vocalist when Jason Fleetwood departed. Shortly after, the band changed their name to "Slingshot David" with hopes of starting anew.

Bloodshed first appeared (Nationally) on "Helpless Amongst Friends Vol. 1", which was released on Tooth and Nail in 1994 (Which also featured other such bands as Focused, Unashamed, P.O.D, Strongarm, The Blamed, NIV, etc.). The band soon after, did several west coast and national tours, going out with bands like Focused and Unashamed. They even hit Cornerstone in 95. Bloodshed released just two EPs on Tooth and Nail until their demise in 1997. "Self Titled" was released in 1995, and "The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook" was released as a limited edition ep in 1996. The band released a few rare demos here and there. I have one on cas
sette of their final songs but who knows if I can turn that to mp3. Plus no song titles :( I am sure band members have a bunch of stuff on cd tucked away, so maybe we'll surprise some of you soon. The band consistently played to packed clubs/venues all over Orange County and Los Angeles for several years until they eventually broke up and went on to do their various side projects full time. They attempted one final lineup in 97' with Timothy Clark on vocals and recorded a few demos as the band "Slingshot David". The band broke up a few months later leaving that demo unheard (except by me ;). Apparently their was another recording done for a label out of Canada that would have been the full Slingshot David introduction but they broke up before it's release. Bummer. This band practically coined the term "Emo-Core" around Orange County. This coming from a band of 16 year olds was pretty impressive at the time.
No, "Emo-Core" did not start with Thursday and Poison the Well , sorry kids.

Self titled (1995 - Tooth & Nail Records)

- Thanks again Matt M. for the upload.


  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm Sean McCauley, singer of Rainy Days. I was looking for the Bloodshed record, which is completely amazing, and couldn't find it. Thanks for giving people access to this ridiculously amazing album.



  2. I am not kidding I am trying to get Jon and Justice to do 2 shows... one east and one westcoast.

  3. I found mine at a Salvation Army for $1 :3

  4. I have been trying to have Jon or Justice's baby for years...but no luck.

  5. I MUST hear the Slingshot David stuff. Pretty please?