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Saturday, August 7, 2010

New KILLING YEARS 8-song demo!

Download the new 8 song demo here!

Check it out online at our MySpace and at our Facebook.
5 songs were to be featured originally on a self titled ep, but we have decided to include them with 3 new songs as an new 8 song demo. I will be at local shows in Cincinnati passing them out for free, as well as having them distributed amongst scenes across the country by friends. If you want some mailed to you so you can do the same, email me!


  1. Really good news, I can`t wait to give it a listen :)

  2. did you ever hear Venia from MN yet? if not, do so. great stuff. their first album, Convictions, would be a great place to start. the first time i heard these guys was among the nasty noise at Cornerstone we call "Generator Stages"... alot of those bands all sound the same and it was refreshing to hear a band with the old school hxc sound. really enjoyed them. i tried to catch every show by them that year, that was maybe 2 or 3 years ago. cannot remember. but excellent sound.

  3. wow, y'all really captured that early sf x hc sound