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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bloodshed on No Exit Hardcore Compilation

Bloodshed was an amazing hardcore/emo band from the 90s. They were on awesome tours and appear on some compilations. One of these compilations is the No Exit, Hardcore Compilation put out by Inside Front. By no means are the other bands all Christian, just Bloodshed, and that's why it's on this blog.

No Exit, Hardcore Compilation (1994 - Inside Front)


  1. It's a really odd thing about Brian who wrote Inside Front. He was pretty much a hardcore athiest, but he was also into Strongarm, and a ton of other christian hardcore bands out around the early and mid 90's also though. odd.

  2. Ha for real. I have always loved how anti-religion the scene has always been but so many of these "atheists" can't help but love so many Christian hardcore bands. Must be because Christian hardcore bands used to be better than what most of the scene had to offer.

  3. You got that right! Christian hardcore bands use to be ahead of the times. I think they just mostly suck now.

  4. I am pretty sure I am on the ball with this. What do you think? Most christians that are AWESOME musicians are no longer into sharing Christ as their number one reason for music, and it isn't about the music anymore to the majority of folks.

    Light the fire again in all of us Jesus. Amen.

  5. Both the religious end of hardcore and the atheistic/agnostic side produced fine music. Do not think too much of either. I myself am a strong atheist, but I still love religious bands like 108 or Strongarm. But PLEASE do not forget stuff like Chokehold, Groundwork or Catharsis. They were very much against what they saw a s Christian authority. I am actually at odds with myself on this topic, where the " hardcore should be an open forum for self expressionism for every topic" meets the "keep religion ot of hardcore because religion is enslavement for the mind"... I do have respect, but I do also have my opinion. Thats what makes hardcore great and interesting actually, that a guy who is strongly atheistic and is into helping peope and doing communal work can love a Christian or a Khrisna band who are also into helping people and doing communal work. Remember the Cro-Mags and their beliefs anybody?

  6. I actually have always loved all three of the bands you listed, plus 108 and Strongarm. I still listen to Chokehold's "Instilled" record pretty frequently. I do agree with your statements and I myself am a firm believer that hardcore music is a wonderful open forum for all issues/topics/religious views. There are bands that I still adore that were always very atheistic, bands that spoke of very different religious beliefs/backgrounds, and bands that gave a Christian message (obviously, hence this blog's existence).

    Wasn't Bloodclot into Krishna? There's actually a sweet Cro-Mags bootleg T-shirt on Negative Reinforcement's eBay page, by the way.

    A true disciple will walk with those who differ in beliefs so that he or she can show his or her Faith through acts, not just words.