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Sunday, December 27, 2009

more Bloodshed stuff

Thanks to Matt M., we can now have our hands on Bloodshed's self titled record. Be sure to check out the previous post of Bloodshed on the No Exit Hardcore Compilation from 1994 on Inside Front. Thanks again Matt for taking the time to rip this stuff and send it my way. Here is a nice bio of Bloodshed on their tribute MySpace page:

"A band that started by kids in their early teens and ended after just two eps on Tooth and Nail. Fans, new comers, and old core adults (ha), join up and post your comments about this amazing band. Maybe with the slightest of hope, the band will reform and play once again. Bloodshed started in the early nineties (1992?) with Jason Fleetwood, Jonathan Caro, Justice Gulmatico, John Kittrel, and Sean Stopnik. Later, Kevin Chen joined up for their final ep. (Kevin Chen also went on to play with the OC Supertones for two albums). Timothy Clark later joined when vocalist when Jason Fleetwood departed. Shortly after, the band changed their name to "Slingshot David" with hopes of starting anew.

Bloodshed first appeared (Nationally) on "Helpless Amongst Friends Vol. 1", which was released on Tooth and Nail in 1994 (Which also featured other such bands as Focused, Unashamed, P.O.D, Strongarm, The Blamed, NIV, etc.). The band soon after, did several west coast and national tours, going out with bands like Focused and Unashamed. They even hit Cornerstone in 95. Bloodshed released just two EPs on Tooth and Nail until their demise in 1997. "Self Titled" was released in 1995, and "The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook" was released as a limited edition ep in 1996. The band released a few rare demos here and there. I have one on cas
sette of their final songs but who knows if I can turn that to mp3. Plus no song titles :( I am sure band members have a bunch of stuff on cd tucked away, so maybe we'll surprise some of you soon. The band consistently played to packed clubs/venues all over Orange County and Los Angeles for several years until they eventually broke up and went on to do their various side projects full time. They attempted one final lineup in 97' with Timothy Clark on vocals and recorded a few demos as the band "Slingshot David". The band broke up a few months later leaving that demo unheard (except by me ;). Apparently their was another recording done for a label out of Canada that would have been the full Slingshot David introduction but they broke up before it's release. Bummer. This band practically coined the term "Emo-Core" around Orange County. This coming from a band of 16 year olds was pretty impressive at the time.
No, "Emo-Core" did not start with Thursday and Poison the Well , sorry kids.

Self titled (1995 - Tooth & Nail Records)

- Thanks again Matt M. for the upload.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dodgin' Bullets

I've pretty much been into every Quiggle project. I still love xDisciplex and Shockwave and listen to their shit frequently. Being a big fan of No Innocent Victim as well, it simply makes sense to love Dodgin' Bullets. Here's why:

(from their MySpace page)
"True friendship was born in the Summer of 1998 when No Innocent Victim toured with Erie, PA's xDisciplex AD! Ever since that tour, the two bands have been close knit and best of friends. It only made sense to bring the two coasts together and join forces to create a fun band but at the same time dealt with serious issues. DODGIN' BULLETS was then born and released their first 5 song CDep "Soundtrack to the end of the World" in September of 1999. It was Facedown's 6th release and came out at a crucial time of the label's history and growth period along with the debut full length from FIGURE FOUR as well as OVERCOME's final full length "Immortal Until Their Work is Done"! The band has now recorded three different times and most all of the tracks can be found on the "Earn Your Respect" CD out now on Facedown (because both "Soundtrack To The End Of The World" and "World Wide War" were out of print). DODGIN' BULLETS is and always will be about friendship and a solid bond! Musically it is best described as a perfect mix of California's No Innocent Victim and xDisciplex AD. Heavy and straight forward New York influenced hardcore with heavy Quiggle influenced breakdowns and flavors thrown in! They were never a full time band, and that was never the goal or point of it. DB played shows in So Cal, Erie, PA and Cornerstone Festival in Illinois. Note: this page is NOT maintained by former band members. It's just a tribute to this great hardcore band, that sadly is no longer around."

Soundtrack to the End of the World (1999 - Facedown Records)

World Wide War (2000 - Facedown Records)

Earn Your Respect (2002 - Facedown Records)

Death Through Adam

Death Through Adam were a band from sometime in 2000 until 2004. They were from my hometown of Cincinnati, OH, and for about a year or so they played straight up chuggy hardcore and were my favorite band. When Death Through Adam first started, as This Day Forth, music style and band lineup was much different. As they became Death Through Adam, they began playing hardcore music, abusing china cymbals, Boss Metal Zone guitar pedals (remember those?). I was a huge fan of their's. Sadly, I have no recordings of them from that short period of time, but am currently trying to get something from then from the dudes that were in it. In 2002, they independently released an ep titled The Differences Between Pictures and People. This record displayed their change in music style as they went more for a more metal influenced metalcore sound. Over the next couple years, they progressed musically, becoming more metal, less hardcore, and more technical, somewhat comparable to an old Between the Buried and Me. It was pretty good, don't get me wrong, but their old shit was the greatest. Death Through Adam wasn't the only musical project these dudes though. Members were previously in other projects and went on to be in other stuff, some current. I actually got the opportunity to play with a few of the guys. Will, who did vocals, later played drums, very briefly, for a metalcore band I was a part of called Before Mourning Comes. Marc, who went from drums to bass, and Phil; who played guitar, did vocals for a bit, and went back to guitar; both joined a project I was in called A Cry for Mercy and continued into Before Mourning Comes for a short while. Will and Phil had both been a part of local Christian hardcore band, Descension, in the late 90s. I will post their record soon as well. Will and Phil, pretty recently actually, played briefly in nationally known Christian metal band Corpus Christi on Victory Records. Marc played in several local projects, such as Dead Heroes (RIP), Fright Night, A Call to Arms. Josh, former bassist before lineup and musical changes, later sang for Josiah, a Christian metalcore band from Indiana. Overall, Death Through Adam had a major impact on the local scene in my opinion. They were the only Christian hardcore/metalcore band playing at shows in our city at the time, and for a while they played hardcore music and put on shows that really sucked you in. I'll NEVER forget the impact they had on me and the sounds of those Metal Zone pedals, china cymbals, and off mic screams. Great stuff. Although I do not have their early stuff, I do have their later, more metal influenced, eps.

The Differences Between Pictures and People (2002 )

To Slumber in the Silent Dust (2003)

Sorry I do not have the artwork available. I have them in my iTunes, but can't find the artwork online anywhere and don't know how to locate the artwork files for my iTunes. If you know how, let me know. I will also be nagging those dudes for their early recordings.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

More posts coming...

It has been about a week since my last post, and I can thank Windows for that. I'm the last person to hop on the latest trends, but I am totally switching to Mac when I get the money. I've had it with PCs. They make simple operations much harder than they should be. Whoever came up with the saying "Computers only do what you tell them to" is WRONG. I tell my PC to turn on, it doesn't. I tell my PC to close a window, it doesn't. I tell my PC to "Safely Remove" my external hard drives, it "can't". I spent days backing up my stuff, copying some iTunes files so I wouldn't lose my nicely organized iTunes, and re-installing Windows onto my PC and setting up my iTunes again. I've got a ton more stuff to post on here. With the holidays coming up, I'm going to try to get a couple more bands on here before I can't for a little bit. I have a lot of obvious Christian hardcore bands to post on here; such as No Innocent Victim, Figure Four, Set Apart, Stretch Armstrong, Terra Firma, and more; and some not-as-well-known Christian hardcore bands, as well as some old local Christian hardcore from here to post. In the mean time, if anyone's got any of the records I'm looking for (posted on the right side of the page), please email me through my Blogger profile. Thanks.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Few Left Standing

Few Left Standing was a short lived Christian hardcore band from Memphis, TN. They played a brand of hardcore that aligned themselves with the "spirit-filled hardcore" movement that raged through the mid to late 90s and early 2000s. It sucks that there isn't much coverage on Few Left Standing on the internet, but they always had a more underground following, never joining the mainstream hardcore community. They were only a four piece band, something that differs from the general hardcore routine, and were on, now defunct record label, Takehold Records. I'm certain you can still purchase their two full length records, Regeneration of Self and Wormwood, through Tooth & Nail Records website, so do it. I am uncertain of many details regarding Few Left Standing; such as when they became a band and when they called it quits, demos and records, etc.; but from what I have gathered on a fan-created Myspace for the band, there is a two-song record of their's out there that is extremely rare. I have added it to my list of shit I need on the right side of the blog.

Wormwood (2001 - Takehold Records)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Point of Recognition

Not in the mood to type up something on Point of Recognition. I loved them, saw them only once and went nuts for them. Their stuff got extremely heavy throughout the period of releasing only three full lengths and a three-way split with Torn in Two and Cast in Stone titled Now the Tables Have Turned but remained somewhat of a generic sound. One thing I did enjoy about them was they always mixed some metalcore in with their tough facade. Here's a decent bio that can be found on their Wikipedia page:

Point Of Recognition had been playing for about a year before releasing their debut album Admiration of a Son on Rescue Records in 1999. Four of their songs were also included on a 3-way split CD, titled Now the Tables Have Turned, on Facedown Records (along with Torn In Two and Cast In Stone). The band toured constantly before releasing their second album Refresh, Renew on Facedown Records.
With the heavier sound from the Refresh, Renew album, the band toured with the likes of
H20, All Out War, Throwdown, No Innocent Victim (Southern California neighbors with whom they perform often), among many others, quickly gaining fan support. However there were soon lineup changes. With No Innocent Victim and former Dodgin' Bullets guitarist Tim Mason joining the group in 2002, the band would release their final album Day Of Defeat in June of that year.
Day of Defeat was praised by fans and critics alike[
citation needed]. The band called it quits in October of 2002 in order for the members to pursue other interests, musical and/or family.
In January 2007, it was announced that Point Of Recognition would reunite for Facedown Fest 2007 on March 24
[1], much to the delight of the fans.

Admiration of a Son (1999 - 316/Rescue Records)

Refresh Renew (2001 - Facedown Records)

Day of Defeat (2002 - Facedown Records)