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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anah Aevia

Statistical and Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (2001 - Selah Records)

Realize You're Dead (2002 - Selah Records)
Pt. 1
Pt. 2


  1. i've been jammin realize you're dead, i like this. i really like that 7 angels 7 plagues kinda sound.

    i know of some other bands that sound like this too, Foreknown, Eversfield, and Anam Cara.

  2. i have some live bootlegs of Anah Aevia... do you want?

  3. i also have a copy of The Last Broadcast if you want to hear that... another great bands from Grand Rapids hxc scene are Bestiary and The Final Chapter

    do you have any old Silence the Epilogue???

  4. I can pass on the live Anah Aevia stuff, played with them too many times, but I wouldn't mind getting a copy of The Last Broadcast. I remember that band starting but actually never paid attention/listened to it. I remember Bestiary and The Final Chapter, played with Bestiary many times as well. I remember Silence the Epilogue, but never actually got a copy of their stuff. I will find some for you.

  5. are you from Michigan? i was born there and we would go up there on Christmas vac. but i am in Missouri now. i thought some of the bands from up there were pretty good. In Reverant Fear was good, but now they changed their style and their name to Stomacher. they reminded me of Glassjaw. and La Dispute is fun too, they remind me of Mewithoutyou on crack :)

    i will rip The Last Broadcast for you. the Anah Aevia bootlegs are official bootlegs. the first one was put by the band before they were signed. they would sell it at their generator shows at Cornerstone. and the other is put together from one of the sound guys from Cornerstone. it was their performance from the New Band Showcase performance. he recorded it from the soundboard and then sold it on his site.

  6. Nah dude, born and raised in Cincinnati. All those Selah records dudes used to come down here and play all the time with my bands over a period of a couple years. I had met them at Cornerstone in when I was in high school and went from there. The dude that ran Selah never came, but wanted to hear the band I was in when I was 15, so we all met up at Cornerstone that year and they got to see us play at a generator stage. If I recall this correctly, while we played our set, some kids got hurt because we through smoke bombs into the pit and one kid broke his leg and another kid broke his collar bone. Woops.

    Just got the Last Broadcast, about to give it a listen. Guess I'm a few years late on that one.

  7. please reup realize you/re dead,

    many thanks.

  8. upload some The Final Chapter stuff here if you got,really excited to hear them.

    Awesome blog!

  9. Please reup Realize You're Dead.