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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blindside [SWEDEN]

Not to be confused with the PA's Blindside who members of went on to form Terra Firma. If anyone has a copy/rip of Blindside's Empty Box EP, please contact me!

Self Titled (1999 - Day-Glo Records)

Thanks to Tyler Ross for the rip!

A Thought Crushed My Mind (2000 - Solid State Records)


  1. Yo,

    This is my first comment to this blog and by judging the content here, this is not going to be the last...meaning: I DIG! :)

    I have The "Empty box"-EP and would love to rip it for you.
    I also have some other stuff you might wanna feature in this blog. I can let you know soon, what I have to offer.

    I am currently flooding my friend´s internet account by downloading stuff from your blog :)
    So even for that, it would be cool to be constructive towards your effort here.

    Lets keep in touch!

    -Kimmo (The Killing years-fan from Myspace :) )

  2. Hey man, thanks for the kind words. Get at me at I saw your comment on the Killing Years myspace, I'm glad you're into it. I think you, as well as everyone else, will be even more into the new we will have online in a month. Talk to you soon dude.

  3. hey i think i just noticed you put the country by Blindside. is there supposed to be another band with the name? i hate it when bands take the same name. i see it all over it is sad that no one can be creative :)

  4. Yeah man, there was Blindside from PA. They were actually really good too, more 90's hardcore style than what Blindside from Sweden was playing at the time.

  5. the first blindside cd blows. the 2nd one was awesome refused style hardcore (sweden coincidence, i think not). their majoy label stuff after this i actually really enjoyed as well. their last cd though , not so much.

  6. Check out the New Blindside CD "With Shivering Hearts We Wait" Its something new from the Swedish natives