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Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sweden's Selfmindead was a band that got pretty overlooked by the hardcore scene in my opinion, seeming to only make a name for themselves in the Christian scene. They were around for quite some time too, like 1994 until 2003. They only released a few records; a 7" with Soulscape Records in 1997, a self titled record in 1998 with Sally Forth Records and Solid State Records, a full length record titled At the Barricades We Fall in 2000 with Solid State Records and Sally Forth Records, and a split with The Spirit that Guides Us titled The Oslo Compact in 2001 with Sally Forth Records, and several compilations. I saw them once at Cornerstone Festival when I was real young, but that's it. They do have a MySpace page now, from which I have posted a pretty detailed bio:

"selfmindead started as a 4-piece band in the winter of 1994-1995 in Eskilstuna Sweden, drums-marko, guitar-timo, vocals-ilkka and bass-tapani.........mainly influenced by the hardcore scene in Sweden at the time, bands as Refused, Abhinanda, Mindjive to name a few............... in early 1995 the band entered a band contest called cult-95 in the hometown of eskilstuna, and they went and won it.. that was the start and the confidence the band needed to aim higher, more gigs where played around the country of sweden and new contacts where made, in late 1996 the band got in contact with the newly started record company called soulscape records and they got signed for 1 record, early 1997 the band got into a studio and recorded a 7" vinyl consisting of 2 original songs and 1 coversong, and a cover of "hazel would" by starflyer the early summer of 1997 the band hit the studio in husqvarna/småland/sweden to record their debut selftitled cd.............the cd was released in scandinavia by soulscape records, in benelux and europe by sally forth records and in the united states by solid state records............the record release was followed by a member change... the bassplayer tapani left the band and was replaced by emil (silver, royal, and later serena maneesh)...... the band toured all around scandinavia for a year or two........ until new song-ideas started to burst out of the band, the band hit the studio again in the late summer of 1999, that was the recording of the second fullenght album "at the barricades we fall". the record was released in scandinavia by soulscape records and europe by sally fort records and usa by solid the time of the writing process of the second record emil left the band and pursued other projects. instead marko left the drumstool and was replaced by tommy (silver) marko took the role of guitarist and the bassguitar was picked up by even (silver) the band toured as a five peace for a year or so, then tommy and even left the band to work more on their silver project. hard work gives results!! :) the band started to look for new permanent members and found håkon from a band called "mold" on bass and michal from a broken-up band called "amphibro" from sweden. the band rehearsed monthly due to michal living in sweden 700km away, but they got good progress in the live performances and got booked to tour the united states the summer of 2000.......the band warmed up with a tour of germany and sweden before heading west to the USA. the tour was planned to go on over 2 months..........all of the bandmembers couldn't make it to the usa though... so a reserve-solution was made and the band continued the tour through-out almost all the states.......the band got back and started writing their third album, they released a split ep with the dutch band called "the spirit that guides us" it got released on sally forth records and distributed by sony music. several festivals and shows were played throught out scandinavia and they toured netherlands a couple of times.......selfmindead did their last show at the club named "blå" in eskilstuna sweden in august of 2002. the band went into writing modus to write their third album in early 2003 the band got split up, due to differencies................out of the ashes came benea reach (marco, ilkka, håkon, etc's metal project) and tiikeri (timos elektronika project) ....check them out.... Click here to buy TIIKERIs NEW CD."

Now, out of the four records I know they put out, including a split, I only have ONE. I have it posted below. It is a great album, sounds A LOT like your Swedish 90's hardcore bands like Refused or Abhinanda. If anyone has their split from 2001 or their early 1997 7" or their self titled record, please hook me up!

At the Barricades We Fall (2000 - Solid State Records/Sally Forth Records)

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