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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hopesfall used to be an amazing band, I don't know what happened. They formed in 1998, breaking up ten years later, but only released two records worth a listen. Their first record, a full length titled Frailty of Words, was released on DTS Records in 1999. This record was the shit. At the time, the "post-hardcore" sound, emotional hardcore, singing in more hardcore, was becoming more and more prevalent. They took this sound but kept and very raw, aggressive late 90s metalcore sound and just made it into something of their own. Hopesfall was band that gained notoriety, but never really got the recognition that they should have when they were playing their early stuff. You can tell that once they hit the more mainstream sound, that's when their audience grew greatly. Their second record, an ep titled No Wings to Speak Of, was released on Takehold Records and Trustkill Records in 2001. This is what I would consider to be their last decent release. After this, they went downhill. It's pretty lame when I see Hopesfall the first time when I was like a freshman in high school and their set was insane; people all around me were screaming, the pit was nuts, and I even saw a dude's tongue fall to the floor when he got hit; to seeing them only a couple years later at a venue here in Cincinnati and with a new lineup, new material, they sucked. It's a shame that the band didn't continue what they really started in 98. Definitely give Frailty of Words a listen, and maybe a couple songs off of No Wings to Speak Of are worth a listen.

Frailty of Words (1999 - DTS Records)


  1. That is awesome. They graduated from my high school. I completely agree with you, but also think that The Satellite Years was the last "decent" album, only because Ryan Parrish wrote it before being kicked out. I get chills every time I listen to The Frailty of Words and No Wings To Speak Of. You seem to have all the old school bands on here that I used to go see back in the day. Nice blog. Followed.

  2. Sorry that we "sucked" later on.

  3. Compared to the first stuff, yeah. There's just a point a lot of bands reach where the material just isn't anywhere near what initially drove them. All opinion though bud.

  4. the satelite years was ok. but yeah. these two records were so good. i did two shows for them in these days. their live show was just amazing. ryan was such a nice dude too.