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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Testament to Broken Walls compilation

In 2002, I believe, Adeldama/BackRoad Records pushed this midwest comp called A Testament to Broken Walls. This comp did not only feature Christian bands, but from what I can remember in those years, Christian bands and bands who were not Christian often got looped together in scenes because of similar music styles and a lot of Christian dudes being in non-Christian bands and such, at least in the Midwest it seemed. Therefore, this comp featured bands like: Subsist, Blue Skies Burning, 7 Angels 7 Plagues, End This Day, Circle of Dead Children, Entrust, Fed by Ravens, Upheaval, Zao, and many more. This comp makes me think of those times in the early 2000s so much, how different the scene was even then, wasn't too long ago. Haha that was when Christian hardcore became pretty cool to everyone, before all those Christian hardcore kids became atheists the last few years. Typical hardcore scene evolution I guess. Anyway, check out the comp below.

A Testament to Broken Walls compilation (2002 - Akeldama/BackRoad Records)


  1. Hey Josh,
    JVK here from the former Akeldama...
    check out a revised new site:
    we plan to make all of our releases available for download on there and stuff that we still have in print will be available to purchase.
    I just took a long walk down memory lane looking through your site.

  2. Hey dude. That's rad! Keep me posted. I'll put a link for your site on here. Glad you liked what I've got going on here, will be continuing to add to this. Keep in touch.


  3. hey josh,
    i'm not sure how you tracked down that flyer. my old roomate ben drew that. crazy to see it again. ha!

  4. He Eric, that's really cool. I believe I got this flyer from someone through email. If you have any thing related to Christian hardcore from that time, or earlier, and would like to share it on here, let me know. Doesn't have to be just music. Could be pictures (promo, live, or whatnot), music, flyers, merch, etc. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  5. Eric,

    I emailed Josh the flyer. I found it with the comp teaser tape I picked up at an Overcome, Hopesfall, Figure Four show in East Peoria.