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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Through and Through

I personally know hardly anything about Through and Through. I discovered them when I was very young and found a split that they had done with Zao. At that age, I wasn't part of a family with internet and money and all that stuff, so I didn't have many resources as to getting my hands on bands' stuff besides going to shows and some local records stores. Through and Through was a band I always kept my eyes open for, and shortly after discovering them (after they had broken up, of course), I came across three records at the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois on which I spent my only spending/food money for the week. I had found their split with Zao (check my huge post on Zao), their split with Subterfuge, and their only full length record, Joshua Aiken. The only thing I ever knew of them was that they were on Boot to Head Records, released their split with Zao on Steadfast Records, released their split with Subterfuge on Declaration Records, and were from Canada. Luckily, Boot to Head has bios on all of their past bands, and here is what they have to say about Through and Through:

"Hailing from Vanderhoof Canada, Through and Through made a name for themselves over their short existence, both in their home of Canada, and here in the States. T&T began roughly in the winter of 1995, as a typical metallic hardcore band and a four piece, and went on to refine their sound into a sweet blend of emo, insane vocal screams, and pounding metal, to create their own haunting sound. As a five piece the band was able to express their creative aptitude to the fullest of their ability.

In Fall 1998 T&T released their only full length record entitled "Joshua Aiken" and it blew people away, they seemed to come out of nowhere, but don't get me wrong though, these guys definitely weren't newcomers, they had two demos which sold well throughout Canada and the States, making it possible for them to hook up with Steadfast Records, on whom they released a split 7" record with ZAO. T&T were also been featured on many compilations across the States, and Canada and Brazil.

Having toured the States independently twice for roughly Six weeks each time (this was a tough feat for a signed band back then, let alone an independent band) the band built a loyal and steady following, but even though T&T seemed to have the world ahead of them, and just when things started to take off for them, the band called it a day in early 1999 when a few members quit to peruse other interests. "

Well, that's them. Now onto their records...

Joshua Aiken (1998 - Boot to Head Records)

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