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Monday, November 23, 2009


Erie, PA's xDisciplex (now known as xDisciplex A.D.), formerly Disciple, was such an influential Christian and straight edge hardcore band. Around from 1995 until sometime in 2004, xDisciplex put out a good deal of records for kids to love, because most of them are amazing. They are mostly known nowadays for their founding members, the two Quiggle brothers Dan and Dave, who have been in a number of projects and Dave having a huge reputation for his artwork and tattooing. xDisciplex are a band that will never be forgotten, and definitely never be grouped only in the Christian scene, but the entire hardcore scene. I think I can say that their record, No Blood, No Altar Now, is their best, but all of their older stuff seems to be their best. I believe I have gotten my hands on their entire discography, but may be missing things like demo's and small things, and I know I am missing their Blood Feud record, so if anyone has that please get at me. Out of all of the bands that will ever be featured on this blog, xDisciplex will be one of the best. I only ever had the opportunity to see them two times, which I totally took advantage of, and each time I loved every second of their set. It was always insane. Well...onto their records.

Lantern (1996)

Scarab (1997)

Imitation of Love (1998 - Goodfellow Records)

No Blood, No Altar Now (1999 - Goodfellow Records)

Heaven and Hell (2000 - Triple Crown Records)

Doxology (2001 - Facedown Records)

The Revelation (2003 - Triple Crown Records)

Benediction (2003 - Angelskin Media)


  1. The link for 'Heaven And Hell' is the same as 'No Blood'.

  2. the blood feud 7 inch is on either doxology or benediction. both of those are discography types of cds. both of them combine should have everything excep heaven and hell and the revelation.

  3. Thanks dude, I was in quite a rush all day yesterday so I probably wasn't paying attention. The link is fixed, and I double checked all the xDisciplex links, all working good.

  4. Rad, thanks man. Yeah I got those two up, so I guess that's good enough ha. Thanks for the hint.

  5. Hey, check my blog, I think we have pretty similar tastes...also, for good Christian hardcore that's going right now, check out Advent, band rules.

  6. Hey thanks for checking out the blog. I've actually seen your blog before, but I will put a link on here for you, word? I have heard Advent, but not enough of it to really get a solid opinion. If you've got any of their stuff besides the record I have (I think it's called "Remove the Earth") send me a link or something. I was interested in them because of their influences, so I'd love to hear it all. Again, thanks.

  7. You've left off a split cassette they did that was limited release on SA Mob Records called 81Forever. I think I have the tracks somewhere.

  8. Oh word. If you find the tracks, think you can send them my way dude? Email me

  9. You didn't miss the songs, they're on Doxology. I totally forgot that was a compilation of old stuff.

  10. I have problems with Heaven and Hell album,last song My own way is corrupt.


  11. Hey In Search Of Truth, I apologize for that issue. I just downloaded the file from Mediafire and it worked fine. There should be 11 tracks total, the last one being "Trial by Fire". Try it again, if it still doesn't work for you, email me and I will gladly send you the files directly to avoid the issue.