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Friday, April 9, 2010


Thanks to Ryan, I got a rip of Fable's Give Us the Night record. Check out the A Testament to Broken Walls compilation that I posted before in the Compilations section of the blog; Fable has a track on there titled "Hank's Return." This band was from Michigan and was around kind of a while for being so young, but they only put out a handful of songs.

It is fairly widely known that for the most part hardcore is a 'young mans game.' Michigan's Fable proved that axiom to be more true than most realize. Started in 1997, the members were an average age of 15. Some kids think it is kind of embarrassing for their parents to drop them off at a show, but these guys were having their parents drive them to PLAY shows instead. I remember a guy I once knew was booking a show and booked Fable. He saw their small website and knew they were young, but if they wanted to play, he wanted them to. In all honesty he was doing it in the same attitude as letting your little brother do something with you and your friends. The show came, and Fable played, and I will never forget the shamed look he had after realizing that Fable was SO MUCH better than over half the bands he usually books! This was more than common for a band that would record only a handful of songs and then leave everyone wanting more.
In 1998 they recorded their Give Us The Night 7" (1-4) for Takehold Records and a song for the Testament To Broken Walls Compilation that would sit on the shelf for over 3 years. There was also a song taken from the 7", remixed a little and put on the Fools Rush In... Compilation on Takehold Records. The lineup for these songs was: Derek James, David Vandervelde, Andrew Peerbolt and Jonathan Kleyn. With the lineup thinned to a 3 piece, minus Andrew Peerbolt, the remeaing members recorded their last material for a split 7" with Mara'Akate on Happy Couples Never Last Records.

- Ryan

Shit, I was in many hardcore bands throughout my pre-teen/teenage years and definitely remember doing stuff like that.

Give Us the Night (1999 - Takehold Records)

Thanks again Ryan for the rip.


  1. Interested in the Fable demo tape? :)

  2. i don't know how you would track it down, but fable recorded 5 songs after the takehold seven inch that were absolutely amazing. they re-arranged their lineup and it was waaaaaaay better. i used to have a copy of it on a tape somewhere. akeldama was going to release it but then we went under. haha. as far as i know only about 20 people probably ever heard those songs. if you can somehow get those this blog would officially be GOLD.

  3. this 7"... my buddy recorded. might be able to obtain proper digital mp3s of them instead of vinyl rip. will let you know.

  4. That would be wonderful. Email me at, or get at me on Facebook.

  5. I have their demo tape somewhere or maybe a tape of the 7". I was blown away when I heard it because they were so young but the music was so tight and creative. I listened to the songs over and over again. That was in Jaunuary '99.

  6. I loved the 7" in Jaunuary 1999. I was blown away that they were so young and the music was so creative and energetic.