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Friday, April 2, 2010

Two more Stretch Arm Strong splits!

Here are two more splits featuring Stretch Arm Strong, thanks to Nathan for the rips! Pretty excited to be able to share these splits. Not a fan of Bedlam Hour, but always been a fan of Stretch Arm Strong, therefore, this split of course is necessary to at least have listened to. Apparently, it is before vocalist, Chris, joined Stretch Arm Strong, therefore the bassist, Matt, is doing the vocals on this. Pretty cool to listen to, pretty old as well. This was released under now defunct Koogle Records. This other split is a 7" featured in an issue of the old I Stand Alone zine. I'm pretty much obsessing over this particular vinyl because not only is it Stretch Arm Strong and xDisciplex, but it is the split where Stretch Arm Strong covered a Counting Crows song, leading to a lawsuit. Also what is pretty rad about this particular split, is Mike from Brother's Keeper does guest vocals on both xDisciplex songs. Pretty awesome. Being so awesome, Nathan scanned all the pages for this zine's split release. Thanks again dude.

Stretch Arm Strong & Bedlam Hour split (1993 - Koogle Records)

I Stand Alone: Stretch Arm Strong & xDisciplex split (2000 - I Stand Alone zine)

(For those who never saw this zine, here's some scans below that Nathan included with the rip/artwork)


  1. I got the ISA-split 7" last year. Too bad the mag wasnt included. I stand alone seems like a really good read, I think I should seek out and buy them from somewhere.

    xDx doing the song "Shallow grave" is G-R-O-O-V-Y! :)

  2. I have a few of these zines and I have this split and a few more. They rule for sure.

  3. Bought at Krazy Fest at the water tower from distro outta Louisville I believe. Was run by a heavier set guy and lady. Would see them at shows in Dayton and Cinci all the time back in the day. Were always way friendly. Thanks for posting because I have never played it.