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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Officer Down

A pretty decent late 90's hardcore band from Canada. I only have their split with Puritan and their Subversive Paradigm full length record, still looking for earlier demos and a self titled. Let me know if you've got any of these.

Subversive Paradigm (1998 - Goodfellow Records)
Part One
Part Two


  1. VERY underrated band! This was one of my great finds last fall. Never checked them out before I guess or just didnt like it back then. I sure do now!

  2. AMAZING band!, Glad to see that you got some of this stuff posted up here! Sorry for not getting back to you about sending you the tracks from the tapes they put out. I have been having some computer issues, and as soon as they are rectified you will be getting all the tracks from the three tapes they had put out before the Puritan split! I am still trying to track down a copy of an elusive local comp that came out years back that has the last song they ever recorded on it.

    Thanks again for spreading the love for these under recognized local hero's!

  3. Jeremy & Andrew from Comeback Kid were in this band together. They then went on to form Figure Four, before starting Comeback Kid. Just a tidbit of useless info!

  4. i find it hard to believe officer down shared members with comeback kid. however, i know officer down turned into The Undecided (first canadian band to sign to tooth & nail.

    also, josh you should post some Grace Like Winter on here (late 90's-early 00's canadian emo/hardcore with two female vocalists.) great stuff.

  5. I've heard them and I want to say I think I have stuff of theirs somewhere. I'll see what I can do.

  6. I knew some of the guys personally in this band. I was at one of their shows in Stienbach, MB, Canada back in '99. They were playing in a small library, in which we had to remove our footwear, leading to many a stubbed toe in the pit. I loved this band, but due to over use of the CD it has since stopped working and I have tried to find their album ever since.