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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This band is from Texas. The singer, Sean, went on to sing for Embodyment. They weren't around all that long. They had this record, and a song from it on the Blessed Be This Killing comp on Deadself Records. What sticks out the most to me is that the artwork for the album was done by the same guy that did Zao's All Else Failed, Splinter Shards, Blood and Fire, and Further Seems Forever's How To Start A Fire.
- Ryan

Yeah...all of the artwork on all those records is amazing. I have always loved that painted artwork created solely for the artist's record, rather than just pictures of paintings, comics, movies, and all the Bible imagery that bands from that era used to use. Don't get me wrong, I love the DIY look of all that stuff just as much, but this artwork is so great. Same kind of stuff that was done for One King Down's Blood Lust Revenge record, Focal Point's Suffering of the Masses record, and Strongarm's Division, Atonement, and The Advent of a Miracle records.

Out of the Shadows of Desperation (1995 - Red Crown Record Empire)

Maybe my next post will feature all that sort of artwork from that era of hardcore...


  1. The artist's name is David Rankin. I found this link on him:

    wish his site worked.

  2. mediafire link don't work :/

  3. I just downloaded it myself, seems to work fine. What exactly seems to be the problem when you click the link?

  4. looks my internet was bad in that time :P Now work fine.Sorry for harassment! - All the best!

  5. "My spirits cry" is broken... I downloaded this twice and both times it wouldnt play all the way through.

    1. Email me at and I'll send you whatever you need.