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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Steadfast Records compilation

This is an amazing comp! Released in 1997 by Steadfast Records, Matt Traxler compiled lots of unreleased material for this album. Songs from Training For Utopia, Chalice, Innermeans, Through and Through, Subsist , and Sleeping By The Riverside were all unused songs from recording sessions, or songs that would be rewritten for later records. If your a fan of any of those bands, it is exciting to hear songs from them that you had no idea ever existed. The album also has songs from bands that would go on to have much more output in the years to come. Spitifre, Brandtson, Feci Dal Signore, Pensive and xDisciplex submitted songs from demo's and 7"s that were already in press. These songs were at the time a great introduction for someone who had never heard them, and presently they are a reflection of their earlier recorded material after releasing several more, widely heard records. In my opinion, it is extremely rare to find a compilation album of this era and like half the songs or more, and I enjoy that I can hardly skip any of the tracks. It also contains pictures by Myk Porter and a design / layout by Caleb from Boot To Head Records. If you can find this album in a distro somewhere, or online, do not hesitate to add it to your collection!
- Ryan

Radiowaves and Gibberish: Steadfast Records compilation (1997 - Steadfast Records)
Part One
Part Two


  1. I think I have a few unopened copies from my distro back in the day!

  2. xveganx666, if you read this drop me a mail at:

    I would sure like to buy that comp!

  3. got this one. my buds subsist were on it. first time i ever heard brandtson. fell in love that song.