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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Innermeans was a GREAT band. They played pretty heavy 90s metalcore, but weren't around long enough to make that great of an impact on the scene. A few of the members were in Bloodshed before starting Innermeans, probably accounting for why Tooth & Nail Records picked them up so quickly after getting their demo. Innermeans only released one record, a self titled ep with Tooth & Nail Records in 1997, but unfortunately disbanded before having the opportunity to record their planned full length release. For a tad bit more information, including an interview with Timothy Clark of Innermeans from way back, check the Innermeans MySpace.

Self Titled (1997 - Tooth & Nail Records)


  1. this little ep still gives me chills. some hate the vocs but they always resonated with me. dang i love this ep.

  2. yo. can you re upload this please. saw these guys a few times when I was like 15. and I remember it being great actually. please. thank you.

  3. Shoot me an email at and I'll email the files to you.