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Sunday, October 25, 2009


AMAZING southern Florida hardcore. My all time favorite band. Strongarm was around from 1993 until 1998 I believe, performing their farewell show at Cornerstone '98 and doing a reunion show at Furnace Fest '00. Members of Strongarm came from past bands such as: Ikthus, Endure (their song "Together" was covered by Strongarm as a hidden track [unless you have a newer pressing; it is track 10] on The Advent of a Miracle record), Amboogalard, Pull, Planet X, Shai Hulud; and went on to be in bands such as Tension and Further Seems Forever. Strongarm's earlier stuff, such as their demos and their Atonement record, had a more straight up hardcore sound, almost similar to that of Strife. The Advent of a Miracle record was and always will be the greatest album ever. That album is very melodic, similar to what Shai Hulud used to play, but more emotional sounding. Strongarm has to be the most underrated and overlooked hardcore band to date, definitely check them out, if anything The Advent of a Miracle record.

The Advent of a Miracle (1997 - Tooth & Nail Records)

Atonement (1995 - Tooth & Nail Records)

These Times That Try Men's Souls Demo (1993)


  1. i do not know why, but i would always argue with a friend of mine about this band. i told them they were good and a big inspiration to alot of Christian hardcore bands. however, he would just repeat over and over to every statement that he hated them. i asked him why he hated them and he never gave me a decent reason. whatever. some people can be ignorant haters sometimes.

  2. It's funny, because you can't hate them for being a Christian band since they never were preachy at shows. You can't hate them for the music they play because in addition to how talented they all are as musicians (ie Further Seems Forever), they play a brand of hardcore that set the standard for that style. Lastly, you can't hate them for their lyrics because not only are they all positive, but they are poetic and metaphorical without taking it too far. It's perfect. The "Advent of a Miracle" record is the greatest.

  3. here is a new hardcore band, Venia, you should check out. i was listening to "These Times..." this morn and it got me to listen to some Venia out. i am listening to their first album Convictions. i caught them twice at Cornerstone the first year they played the generator stages. awesome stuff. they were definitely inspired by the old spirit-filled days.

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  5. I was wondering if you had any of the "Songs from the penalty box" comps; I remember when i was 8 my brother bought songs from the penalty box vol 1 and stretch arm strong's rituals of life ...ever since then i was in love with hardcore.

  6. Absolutely I do. I'll work on getting the ones I have onto the blog. I think I only have volumes 1 and 2.