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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Before I get to the bio, let me just say that anyone who loves good Christian hardcore (which mainly came from the 90s era, like most hardcore) has to know and adore Overcome. If you're ever in a hardcore band for the right reasons, it's to gain the notoriety that Overcome did. Overcome didn't have to tour a bunch and over publicize themselves to gain the HUGE impact they had on the scene, their music did it all. Besides the fact that their lyrics are intelligent and profound, their music heavy, hardcore, metal, punk all wrapped into one sound with these vocals that could last forever. I always viewed Overcome as a pretty intimidating band, never played much, I think maybe I have seen ONE Overcome shirt all these years, and I had to hear of them through word of mouth and coming across them on a comp. Below I have posted most of their records, but I have more being uploaded in the very near future which I will, of course, post on here. Before ever becoming the first band to sign with Facedown Records in the late 90s, Overcome went from Boot to Head Records where they recorded a split with No Innocent Victim and Clay, to Life Sentence Records where they released their As the Curtain Falls record, then over to Tooth & Nail Records where they recorded several records but were dropped due to not touring, then to Facedown Records where they released an ep and their last full length record. Sadly, Overcome broke up in 2000 after going on only their second, and final, tour. They did however reunite for Facedown Fest 2003, which you can see on the Facedown Fest dvd. To my knowledge, the only notable projects to come from Overcome members after the breakup was death metal project Indwelling, who signed with Clenched Fist Records but were forced to head over to Facedown Records to released their one and only record, a full length titled And My Eye Shall Weep. I will post Indwelling soon just for the sake of it being related to Overcome. Overcome is one of the few bands that will always last for years and years even after they no longer play. My band is even going to be covering Overcome's "Reconstruction" from their full length album When Beauty Dies. And if anyone has an Overcome shirt (the only one I've seen was the black tshirt with with white ink) or knows where I can gets my hands on one, please let me know.

Blessed are the Persecuted
(1996 - Tooth & Nail Records)

When Beauty Dies (1997 - Tooth & Nail Records)

Immortal Until Their Work Is Done (2001 - Facedown Records)

More Than Death (2001 - Facedown Records)
Part One
Part Two