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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Chalice fucking rules. I heard Chalice ONCE before ever getting my hands on a copy of their Deathmask Grin record released in 1999 on Takehold Records. What is great about bands like Chalice, Abnegation, Outcry, late 90s Zao, and so many others is listening to them and totally being reminded about the mid and late 90s metalcore that was totally all about looking and sounding super evil. Dudes would be playing on stage looking possessed, shit was amazing. Chalice is definitely one of those bands. Super sludgy, super heavy, and super evil sounding. What was also great about Chalice was them calling themselves Viking metal and on their Deathmask Grin record they even have a hidden track titled "Viking Way of Life" that has epic singing on it. Pretty rad. I don't know a whole lot of Chalice, like most 90s Christian hardcore bands that didn't really go anywhere, but they are totally worth owning the album. Check it out and go buy it on or Ebay. I think just by listening to the album you can totally hear their influences: Neurosis, Isis, Carcass, but still sticking to their hardcore roots. Very awesome stuff, especially if you're like me and are obsessed with that 90s sludgy metalcore stuff.

Deathmask Grin (1999 - Takehold Records)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

...also, the only other recording that I know of, is a split they did with Florida's Set Apart, but I only have the Set Apart tracks that I got from Justin over at xStuck in the Pastx, an amazing blogspot. I will be posting a few releases of Set Apart in the very near future.


  1. I do believe the members of chalice went on to make the band Yeti. I could be wrong but I think I remember them saying something about that a while back. Just thought I'd add that if you didn't already know. Thanks for posting the album, I miss hearing it.

  2. Thanks for this rare issues on your great blog!I have download this album,but i can play it on my winamp player,because it is mpeg-4 audio file format.Any idea how to solve problem?

  3. Download a trial version of a converter to use.

  4. Nice find!!! I'm actually the bass player from Chalice. Chris the vocalist and Al the lead guitarist went on to Yeti (I played bass for them a little while as well). Yeti is now called Immanifest and the only member of Chalice in it is Al.

  5. I've been trying to find the Chalice split they did with Set Apart. I loved the sound of Chalice on that split. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere!

  6. Wow, I started looking further at your blog which brings back so many memories! :( and lo and behold, I see the Chalice split! YAY! :)

  7. I'm very interested in finding out more about Yeti. I still listen to the EP weekly. I bought a copy off a kid who distroed Christian hardcore CDs in NC at the time. So was Yeti a Christian band? Surely Immanifest isn't. Did members of Yeti go on to play in any other bands?


  8. Ah, thanks for this! I am pretty sure I have this CD somewhere at my parent's house... somewhere... but I've been the mood to explore some of those old school takehold albums and this one was pretty iconic in my day.

    Had no idea some of these guys went on to form Yeti. The more you know... haha.

  9. the chalice songs off the split have horrible production... but there is something about them that are great. the vocals sound so so evil. and its rad. i have the cd. i dont have it ripped though.

  10. I played guitar on the chalice split. The production was horrible because we did it in two days in the middle of the night and for all of us it was the first real recording we ever did. We had no idea what we were doing (we even goofed up once and instead of fixing it we rewrote the part and played around it. Guess where if you can!!!) Chalice was basically a band called Overthrow that reformed with one guitar player taking over vocals and me coming in one guitar. It was at that odd time in hc history where stuff was getting metal without being really "metal". We listened to a lot of abnegation and carcass and then went our own way from there. I quit before the full length came out, and shortly after that everybody went their own way. Some people are still playing - like Al, who has a recording studio and plays in whatever the newest manifestation/redoing of Yeti is called. Nathan who is now a professional drum tech and travels all over the world with all sorts of acts, and myself who played drums in Anamcara and am now in a new band called Swampfox with x-members of underoath and sleeping by the riverside. Thanks to all those who remember and still care.

  11. I've always caught the Abnegation influence for sure. I've always loved the style. Thanks for all of the information! Would you happen to have any recordings made by Overthrow back then before Chalice, if there were any? Or, would you have any of this Swanpfox stuff? Thanks!