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Thursday, October 29, 2009


More hardcore from Cleveland, OH. Outry is a band I wish I would have discovered when they were around because their music is so heavy. I think the best way to describe it is; musically it is a lot like Disembodied, and vocally it is like how Zao's Daniel Weyandt sounds on their split tracks with Training for Utopia or on their 1998 full length release Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest. Shit is so good. Not much to know about them, but there is a fan-ran MySpace page and the only recordings of them that I know of is a five song ep released in 1999 titled Hope for the Torn Heart and a split they did with Christian hardcore band Vessel. I love that chuggy 90s metalcore stuff, especially Disembodied, and this band hits the spot. I'm not sure how long Outcry was together, where all they played, but I'm glad I eventually got to hear of them.

Hope for the Torn Heart (1999 - Clenched Fist Records)


  1. Did you ever get into Vessel? I always thought that although they had a mostly rapcore type sound that they always had solid songs.

  2. Definitely dude, they were heavy. I only have Vessel's self titled record though.

  3. Sadly besides being on the split with Outcry, both of the "ears to the ground" comps, and I believe a demo (which I believe is contained on Ears To the Ground Vol 1), Vessel didn't have much output.
    I guess that there's a CD available out there of the pre-Vessel band Apathy Denied and the CD is called "counterculture" I'd like to hear that and if I find one I'll pick one up.

  4. If you get your hands on it let me know.

  5. Glad to see you posting this full-length. It was the first record that my buddy, Keith Konya, and I designed together - he'd already done SixFeetDeep's 'The Road Less Traveled' (the original release design, not that crappy Myk-Porter-with-moth-wings cover that the new label slapped on it later), Zao's 'All Else Failed' (again, original release), and a Zao 7", so I knew him and his stuff and really appreciated him. Still one of my best friends, and we still do work together through my current design company, Three Bears Design. Check us out if you get a chance, dude. Be well.

  6. I seen Outcry play at Ichthus when I was a kid, they were amazing! anyone know if you can still get ahold of their music?

    1. Hey man. It's Cory (guitar player from outcry). I cracked up when I saw this post. I have boxes of CDs and DVDs :) let me know how I can send them to you :) God bless. (keep in mind this blog is about another Outcry band soooo don't confuse us haha. We haven't played in years)

  7. they were selling a different cd then too, i tried finding it but it's been lost over the years....i think the title had soemthing to do with castles? great cd though

  8. I do. Hit me up on Facebook.. Cory Schroeder